Welcome to K-TECH

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Welcome to Kuwait Technical College (K-TECH) where a wide variety of opportunities await you as a student. By selecting K-TECH as your college of choice, you are embarking on a journey that will allow you to specialize in either Information Systems and Technology (IT) or Business Management (BM), and gain valuable certificates. K-TECH international certificates are the portal into the workplace market which is rapidly ever changing and continuously developing and which is in need to recruit highly skilled and qualified employees.

You will find at K-TECH that each and every student is warmly welcomed and given the full attention of excellent faculty, staff and administration. Our aim is to assist all of our students in reaching the highest levels of success in their chosen course of study. If you decide to continue your education after the first two years at K-TECH, we have established a unique partnership with Kaplan University headquartered in the United States and with a well-respected online program.

At K-TECH, we offer an innovative learning environment with an outstanding international faculty. We strongly believe that your college experience should be well rounded and therefore provide a broad range of activities outside of the classroom, including a fully-equipped athletic facility, student events, lectures, and more.

Most importantly, by joining K-TECH, students are definitely boosting their professional career considering K-TECH’s various agreements with world leading IT organizations like Microsoft, CISCO, and CompTIA. We are here to provide you with all the help you need to achieve your educational goals. Staff and faculty members are always ready to help you any time you need.


College President