Transfer to K-TECH

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  • College credits are evaluated based on previous colleges’ accreditation statuses, course contents and applicability to our K-TECH degree program. Credits from some specialized institutions may not be acceptable.
  • Permission to transfer credits from other institutions requires approval from the Curriculum Committee and Department Chair.
  • Credits must be earned from an accredited institution.
  • Credits will be transferred for courses similar in content and scope to courses offered by K-TECH and passed with a grade of “C-” or better. Credit for short term courses are not to be transferred from another institution. Courses taken pass/fail will not be eligible for transfer.
  • Credits transferred from other institutions will become a part of the student's official record, but grades will not be placed on the transcript nor used in determining the student's cumulative grade point average (CGPA).
  • Transfer students (Non-matriculated students) may transfer a maximum of 30 non-K-TECH semester credits hours for use toward the Diploma degree.
  • Students who matriculate at K-TECH as freshmen may transfer a maximum of 10 non-residence credits hours.
  • Students who matriculate with fewer than 10 transfer credits hours may transfer additional non-residence credits hours to complete the remaining of the 10 pre-matriculation credits hours. However, students who matriculate with 10 or more pre-matriculation credits (fewer than 30 transfer credit hours) are not allowed to transfer additional non-residence credits hours toward their degree requirements.
  • Matriculate students may not take the same course at another institution (for the purpose of transfer) which they have already received credit for completing at K-TECH.
  • Matriculate students may not transfer courses from another institution when the equivalent course is offered during the same semester at K-TECH.
  • Transfer credits may not be more than 7 years old. Any exceptions to this time limit must be obtained in writing from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


  • All transfer credit evaluations are subject to all applicable institutional policies and procedures. Course transferability and equivalents are subject to change.
  • Students who wish to transfer courses from foreign universities/colleges to K-TECH are required to:
    • Mail the official transcripts from every college/university attended directly to the Office of Admissions at K-TECH. Each transcript must include the official seal of the college or university, or the signature of a college or university official. Copies or faxes are not considered as official.
    • Send course descriptions or course catalogs (in English) directly to the Office of Admissions at K-TECH.
  • An official evaluation of transfer courses will be provided to each student within two weeks of admission to the College or receipt of official transcript from the previous institution(s), whichever is later.
  • K-TECH’s Credit Transfer Committee’s decision will be considered final after the approval of the academic department chair.