Department of Information Systems and Technology (IST)

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The IST Department offers a diploma in Information Systems and Technology, which is designed to prepare students with the applied knowledge and technical skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing field of technology. Graduates will have the opportunity to pursue challenging and interesting careers in commerce, industry or government organizations requiring extensive IT skills.

Students can enroll in one of the offered diploma courses that emulate diverse career outcomes for catering the industry’s need for graduates with specialized computing knowledge. K-TECH offers four majors in Network Systems Administration and Security, Network Design and Administration, Software Applications and Programming, and Web Applications and Programming.

The career path of an Information Systems and Technology graduate is determined by the graduate's interests, perhaps focusing on a specific aspect of computing, commerce, industry, science or engineering, developed during the course. Courses help students develop the skills to design, install, protect, and maintain networks, develop and troubleshoot hardware and software applications, design and manage databases, and develop web applications.

IST Program Length: The Diploma in Information Technology program consists of 64 to 68 credit hours, depending on the student’s major program. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a Diploma in Information Systems and Technology.

IST Program Outcomes:

  • ITPA-1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of computer hardware and software.
  • ITPA-2. Gain the necessary knowledge to demonstrate problem solving skills.
  • ITPA-3. Demonstrate working knowledge of the internet and constructing information technology solutions.
  • ITPA-4. Apply effective oral and written communication, quantitative reasoning, and technology competencies to real-world project scenarios.
  • ITPA-5. Understand technology trends, practices, and gain hands-on experience with a variety of software and hardware products.
  • ITPA-6. Gain the theoretical and practical skills necessary to become eligible to obtain international certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft and/or Cisco.
  • ITPA-7. Work in teams to achieve collective goals.
  • ITPA-8. Demonstrate a high-level of written and verbal communication skills to achieve professional results.

The following is a brief description and summary of the Information Systems and Technology program concentrations (majors):