Withdrawal Policy


Approved Leave of Absence

A student may apply for an Official Leave of Absence through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. This form must be completed before the term begins or during the Add/Drop period. Students who are currently enrolled, but do not intend to register for classes in an upcoming semester may maintain their matriculated status by applying for a leave of absence. Students cannot apply for a leave of absence for a semester in which they are currently registered for classes. A leave of absence can only be approved before a semester has begun. An "Approved Leave of Absence" may be extended for another semester after the approval of the Student Affairs Committee and the College President for a period of up to two (2) consecutive semesters. Students who fail to register for a third (3rd) consecutive regular academic semester will lose their matriculated status. Students who stop attending without notifying the College may apply for leaves of absences before failing to register for a second consecutive regular academic semester. If a leave of absence is granted, students can maintain matriculated status. However, the total number of consecutive semesters missed shall not exceed two semesters. Steps to take prior to returning to the College, (1) please contact the Registrar’s Office to inform them that you are returning, (2) contact your department chairperson to meet with an academic advisor for selection of courses.

Unapproved Leave of Absence

A student who does not register for a regular academic semesters and is not granted an “Approved Leave of Absence” will lose matriculated status and be dismissed from the College at the end of the second semester Add/Drop period. Dismissed students may not re-admit to the College for a period of one academic year starting from the date of dismissal. The student will be required to apply for readmission to the College through the Admissions and Registration Office and meet any program requirements which have been officially instituted. Students are strongly encouraged to notify the Registrar’s Office if they plan to withdraw from the College.

Withdrawal from a Course(s) Timeline

Add/Drop Period:

Any course dropped during the Add/Drop period will not be recorded on the permanent records.

During 2-6 Week of the Semester:

A “Withdraw Request Form" must be secured from the Office of the Registrar. The reason for the request may be stated on the form and must be signed by the student, the course instructor, and the student academic advisor. Upon receipt of the form, the Office of the Registrar will enter a grade of “W” on the student transcript for the withdrawn course. If the student withdraws from the semester or the college during this period, a grade of “WD” or “WX” will be recorded, respectively.

During 7-14 Week of the Semester:

Withdrawing during this period is only valid for College withdrawal or Semester withdrawal. Withdraw must be considered exceptional and may occur only with the approval of the Student Affairs Committee and the College President and only for good and sufficient reasons beyond the control of the student. If the withdraw is approved, a grade of “WD” (for Semester withdrawal case) or a grade of “WX” (for College withdrawal case) will be recorded on the student transcript.

During 15-16 Week of the Semester:

No withdrawal is allowed during this period.

Please note:

Withdraw or dropping classes does not eliminate your financial obligation to the College. You are still responsible for any charges owed to the college at the time you withdraw or drop classes, based on the College’s tuition and fee refund policies. Contact “College Financial Department” for financial implications of withdrawal.